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If you have a young child, you can give him or her an early start in self-esteem and nurture their genius through learning to read – before first grade.
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What is the Royal
Road to Reading?

The Royal Road to Reading is the world’s most advanced early childhood reading program. Developed in schools over the last 20 years and first made available to parents in 2014, it includes a series of DVDs and educational materials plus live webinars and support. Designed to empower young children up to age six to read.
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Royal Road to Reading Program with DVDs, Materials and Webinars
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Trained as a Master Teacher by Dr. Elisabeth Caspari, Mary Ellen Maunz has 40 years of experience in teaching Montessori principles around the world. Mary Ellen earned her Masters Degree (M.Ed.) in Integrative Education with an emphasis on Montessori from Endicott College and also holds a BS in Child Development from the University of La Verne. Learn more about Mary Ellen.

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We train and certify early childhood teachers as well as educate parents about a child’s miraculous development during their early years. Dr. Montessori discovered the early childhood sensitive periods of dynamic, spontaneous learning. We make this critical knowledge accessible through our online training programs, webinars and hands-on products. This information is revolutionary.
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Check out what parents and teachers have to say about Royal Road to Reading. Parents and teachers are using our early childhood reading program to help their children attain early mastery of reading—and get a better start in life.

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