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From the Desk of Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed.

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I have constructed this online test to help you discover if there’s something more you can do today to lay the foundations for your child’s future success. And I’m referring to young children up to the age of six.

Mary Ellen Maunz, Montessori educator

You see, for over 40 years I’ve helped young children learn to read and maximize their potential, and I have seen…

the great benefits that can accrue to them if their loving parents act in time and teach their child to read.

Yes, indeed. I’m saying that you hold your child’s future in your hands.

If you take action now, you can:

  • Lay the foundations that will help your child succeed in whatever field they choose
  • Nurture his or her genius—we know not every child IS a genius, yet every child HAS genius
  • Give your child an early start in strong self-esteem
  • Take control of your child’s education
  • Build a stronger relationship with your child

On the other hand, parents who don’t understand the benefits of early childhood education miss out on giving their children a tremendous start in life.

And so I invite you to go ahead and take this 3-minute, online quiz right now…

and discover if your are an early childhood education-savvy parent.

I don’t want to say more right now, because I don’t want to influence your quiz scores. But being so passionate about helping young children read, I admit I do have a lot to say!

So just scroll down and take the test. It’s easy and FREE, and very soon you will:

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  • Understand what you can do now to maximize your child’s potential
  • Access fascinating details, and even secrets, about your child’s early development

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Mary Ellen Maunz

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Are you doing everything you can to ensure your young child
has a bright future? Take this quiz now to find out…


Sometimes I lie in bed wondering what kind of a life my children will have when they grow up, and what obstacles they will face.

I have a deep desire to see my child succeed and maximize his or her potential.

I want my child to be fulfilled and happy in whatever endeavor he or she undertakes.

I'd like to my child to become prosperous and financially secure.


I understand at a deep visceral level that unless my child learns to read by the age of six, he or she may be missing out on getting an edge in life.

I'm aware of this shocking fact: That children make up their minds about whether they will succeed in school, or not, by the middle of first grade. And that their decision is based largely on whether they can read or not.

I realize that, according to brain research, the spontaneous interest and capacity for writing and reading is 4 1/2 to 6 – before traditional instruction even begins!

Furthermore, I realize that if this brief window of opportunity passes by, it cannot be recaptured.


I understand clearly that teaching my child to read before the age of six will improve his or her chances to compete in the labor market and get a high-paying job.

I'm aware that by facilitating my child's early reading skills, I can help him or her gain self-esteem that will carry into adulthood.

I realize that teaching my young child to read can help build a stronger relationship with my child and strengthen our bonding.

I trust the public school system as a proven "engine of success," and I don't feel I have to be in control of my child's education.


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