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Early Childhood Reading Program

The Essential Reading Program for Parents and Teachers

Matching Your Child’s Natural Learning Process = Learning Is Fun!

The world’s top solution to early mastery of reading.
Because it works like your young child’s brain works.

The steps in the Royal Road to Reading program have been implemented in homeschool programs, private preschools, public pre-K and Kindergarten programs—all with the same, dramatic success rate.

And so, when you use the Royal Road to Reading program, you will harness the power to give your child the gift of reading. Which means you will ensure the building of a strong foundation for success in school and in life.

What’s more, if you have any leftover doubts about whether this program is for you, I want you to put any such thoughts aside. The Royal Road to Reading is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Even if you’ve never taught anything to anyone before, I promise you that the lessons on these DVDs will show you step-by-step how you can teach your child to read and they’ll enjoy doing every activity.

Take charge of your child’s future and give him or her the gift of early literacy.

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The following section describes exactly what you will receive when you purchase this innovative program.

Check out the great value you get
With the Royal Road to Reading Program

Top Knowledge Via 3 Exclusive Instructional DVDs: You get three high quality DVDs available nowhere else

Here’s a brief summary of the content of each DVD:


Children need to hear lots and lots of words to feed their hungry brains. In DVD #1 we will show you how to systematically build your child’s vocabulary and interest in stories. And, the more words they hear in the early years, the higher their intelligence will be as adults.


  • Sounds-Breaking Words into Their Sound Parts: Children love to play with sounds. In this next step towards reading mastery your child learns to identify the sounds they hear in spoken words.
  • This essential skill called phonemic awareness builds a foundation for children to understand the foundations of sounds within words. And this has been shown to be the single, most important, skill for learning to read.
  • Building phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify and manipulate the smallest units of sounds in spoken words.
  • Identifying rhymes, finding the beginning sound in a word and separating the spoken word distinct phonemes are three ways your child will use phonemic awareness.
  • For example, the word “cat” would become /k/ /a/ /t/.
  • Letters-Translating Sounds into Letters: The second most important skill for a young child learning to read and write is learning the alphabet.
  • We will show you how to engage your child with fun activities that accomplish two things:
    • a) Develop swift and sure knowledge of the letters and their sounds, and
    • b) Help understand the alphabetic principle, i.e., the concept that letters represent speech sounds.


  • When your child has mastered sounds and letters, he or she is ready to move to the final steps on The Royal Road to Reading: Words and Sentences.
  • In DVD 3 you will learn how to help your child take his new-found knowledge of sounds and letters and apply it to reading and writing, first words, then sentences and eventually full texts.
  • Imagine the thrill of being there with your child when he reads his first words!
  • We show you how to help your child take this step and then how to proceed systematically through useful sight words.
  • And we also show you how to approach multiple letter sound combinations, to ensure smooth sailing into total reading.

EXTRA HELP WITH A TON OF HANDS-ON MATERIALS: You get cutting-edge materials and activities

Our exceptionally beautiful hands-on materials and activities have been researched and refined over many decades with a key goal in mind: To maximize your child’s brain development and make the process of learning to read easy and fun.


  • Three categories: Birds, animals, modes of transportation
  • Total of 48 high quality color photos


124 learning game cards: 16 pairs of rhyming cards, 16 cards for identifying the beginning sounds of words, 32 cards to facilitate practice with segmentation and blending, 28 stand-up alphabet cards, and 32 choose the letter cards.


244 learning game cards: 144 word pockets, 32 pictures and labels, 24 verb commands, 24 common sight words, 17 sentences and pictures, plus 27 pictures and labels for selected phonograms.

The Royal Road to Reading Triple Guarantee

For your absolute satisfaction and peace of mind

Give your child a lifetime gift that keeps giving
by ordering the Royal Road to Reading program right away

“America needs to invest in early education..”
Arne Duncan, US Education

“Later, when the child is six or seven years old, the creative period will have passed, and he will no longer have the same natural interest in analyzing either the spoken or the written word.”
Maria Montessori, MD, Education Pioneer

“The data suggest, for example, that going up one reading level at age 7 was associated with a…roughly $7,750, increase in income at age 42.”
Research by Richie and Bates

YES! I’m ready to act now to help my child. Please ship me The Royal Road to Reading program right away. I realize I can take the time I need and try the program for a full 90 days.

If I don’t find this program life-changing, I can ask for a full refund within 90 days of purchase, no-questions asked, minus the shipping cost.

What you get:

  • Three top quality DVDs available nowhere else
    • DVD #1: Vocabulary
    • DVD #2: Sounds and Letters
    • DVD #3: Words and Sentences
  • A ton of craftsman-quality hands-on materials
    • DVD #1 Materials: 48 high quality color photos
    • DVD #2 Materials: 124 learning game cards
    • DVD #3 Materials: 244 learning game cards
  • Unconditional money-back guarantee
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